2005 Rickenbacker 4001c64 Bass Left Handed

In February 1964, during The Beatles First U.S. Visit, Rickenbacker sensed a huge marketing opportunity and presented a selection of their guitars to the lads. At the private meeting, the group immediately took to the incredible 1963 Rickenbacker 360/12 model and John Lennon put in orders for an updated version of his 325 6-string and a new custom built 325 12-string. Apparently, Paul McCartney was also presented with a new 4001 model bass, however it was a right handed version.
It’s not clear whether McCartney declined the bass at the meeting or Rickenbacker offered to build him a custom left handed version instead. We do know that about a year and-a-half later, towards the end of the Beatles second U.S. Tour, Rickenbacker presented McCartney with the company’s first-ever left handed bass guitar finished in a beautiful red (fireglo) color. Interestingly, McCartney’s 4001 bass carries a January 1964 serial number. Perhaps Rickenbacker built him a new left handed body and then simply transferred all the parts from the original “presentation” bass.
Rickenbacker first produced the 4000 series bass guitar in 1957. It utilized a magnetized “horseshoe” pick up near the bridge position. The 4000 was followed by a number of other models, including the popular 4001 (first seen in 1961). The 4001 was essentially an updated 4000 model with the addition of one neck “toaster” pick up (4000 + 1). The 4001S was introduced in 1964 and was basically a 4001 but with no binding, dot fingerboard inlays and red (fireglo) finish. The “S” designation was given to export guitars. The bass was exported to Great Britain by Rose-Morris and listed as the Model “1999” in their catalogue. Rickenbacker basses have a distinctive tone. The 4001 basses built with neck-through construction offer more solid sustain due to more rigidity. The sustain at the bottom end is particularly striking.
From the Fall of 1965, in the studio, McCartney favored his 1964 4001 “S” bass as its tone seemed better suited to recordings rather than the lighter weight 1962/63 Höfner 500/1 bass he was using during live performances. His 4001 also served as back up during the 1965 and 1966 live shows. The 4001 model became very popular with other bassists influenced by McCartney’s highly melodic style, as the bass produced a clear tone even when played high up the neck, as its deep cutaways allowed easy access to the higher frets.
We are pleased to present the Rickenbacker 2005 4001C64 Left Handed in our collection. It is an official reissue bass guitar made to replicate McCartney’s just as he originally received it back in August 1965.360_12.html64_325.html99_32512.html62_hofner.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3

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Rare color photo of Paul McCartney at Abbey Road studio recording with his 1964 Rickenbacker 4001 Left Handed bass guitar.

2006 Rickenbacker 4001c64 Bass Left Handed “MMT”

In 1967, McCartney gave his 4001 a psychedelic paint job, as seen in the promo film for “Hello Goodbye” and in the Magical Mystery Tour film.  We are delighted to showcase our 2006 “MMT” bass which was specially painted by Adam Alcantara to the exact specifications as McCartney’s.
A year or so later, McCartney sanded off the finish from the front of the body and left it in its natural raw wood state. He would eventually sand off the finish from the back sometime in early 1969. 
We are delighted to showcase our 2009 “Stripped” bass which has been modified to have the exact same specifications as McCartney’s.
Later still, in the early 1970’s, McCartney would continue to sand the bass including reshaping its once distinctive sharp horns. Finally, during maintenance performed by Rickenbacker in 1975, some of its original non-functioning parts were swapped out.

2009 Rickenbacker 4001c64 Bass “Stripped” Left Handed

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