1955 Höfner President

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George Harrison’s first “good” guitar was a Höfner President acoustic model painted in a beautiful Brunette (Sunburst) finish. He purchased it for about £30 with help from his mother.
A careful scrutiny of the old photos showing the unique features of Harrison’s President reveals that it was likely a 1955 model.
Available only through British distributor, Selmer, the Höfner President was the middle-of-the range arch top. The 1955 version had the following features: a single body Venetian style cutaway; no truss rod; triple dot fret markers; bound neck; bound F-holes; and vine leaf mother of pearl inlays on the headstock fascia.
The guitar also had a 16.25" lower bout and a solid carved spruce top with laminated flamed maple back and sides, and six individual tuners.
One distinctive feature was the guitar’s 'Compensator' tailpiece. Interestingly, the only source of manufacturer’s identification was a small impressed Höfner logo on the upper bout of the body, and the model label affixed to the inside of the body and visible through the bass sound hole.
Although the President was an acoustic guitar, Harrison would later mount a small pick up at the end of the neck to increase volume. He would play the President until swapping it for a 1957 Höfner Club 40.
The 1955 Höfner President in our collection is identical to George Harrison’s original in every aspect.57_club_40.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0
A young George Harrison with his 1955 Hofner President standing next to John Lennon with his Gallotone Champion and Paul McCartney with his Framus Zenith Model 17.

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