1958 Höfner Senator

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In 1984, a very intriguing Blonde 1958 Höfner Senator arch-top guitar was put for auction by Lil Evans, the widow of Mal Evans who was one of the Beatles roadies and confidants. Evans stated the Senator once belonged to John Lennon and he had gifted it to her husband.
Evans provided a letter signed by George Harrison who indicated that this guitar was one of the first of Lennon’s going back to the early 1960’s.
Available through British distributor, Selmer, the Höfner Senator was a bottom/middle-of-the range arch top. The 1958 version had the following features: 22 frets; no truss rod; triple dot fret markers; bound body; unbound neck; bound F-holes; vertical headstock logo; and simulated tortoiseshell pick guard.
The guitar also had a 16.25" lower bout and a laminated top with flamed maple back and sides. The tuners were single open back units and installed without ferrules.
One distinctive feature was the guitar’s 'Compensator' tailpiece. There was no Höfner logo on the body, however there was a model label affixed to the inside of the body and visible through the bass sound hole.
Unfortunately, no pictures of Lennon with a Höfner Senator have come to light yet. In addition, Lennon never mentioned owning one. However, Ken Brown, who was briefly in Lennon’s skiffle group, The Quarrymen, did own one.
The 1958 Höfner Senator in our collection is identical to the one auctioned as John Lennon’s guitar in every aspect.
In this photograph of the Quarrymen in action, we can see Ken Brown seated and playing his Blonde Höfner Senator arch-top guitar.
This is the 1958 Höfner Senator arch-top guitar auctioned as once belonging to John Lennon.

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