1962 Gretsch PX6122 “Chet Atkins” Country Gentleman

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In May 1963, always trying to improve his sound, George Harrison ventured into London’s Sound City music shop and purchased his second Gretsch guitar. It was a 1962 Gretsch “Chet Atkins” Country Gentleman with “Dial Up” mutes.
Harrison immediately put his new Gretsch to use in the studio for the recording of “She Loves You” and then favored the Gent on tour as his main stage guitar for months afterward. He is also seen playing it during the historic Royal Command Performance.
The 1962 Gent featured a double cutaway, a very striking tiger-stripe wood grain top with deep dark brown stain, two Gretsch Filtertron pick ups, dual dial up mutes, a padded back, gold plating on all metal parts, Grover Imperial tuners and a Bigsby vibrato. It was also one of the Gretsch models endorsed by Country legend Chet Atkins, who was a hero of Harrison’s.
The “Dial Up” mutes were a system designed by Gretsch to mechanically mute/dampen the sound of the strings. On the Gent, dual pads were situated underneath the strings near the bridge and could be brought up to make contact with the string by rotating two knobs located on either side of the tailpiece. However, most guitarists still preferred to mute the strings using their palm and the mechanical system did not become popular. Many players, including Harrison, seemed to have problems with the mute assembly as photographs show one or both Dials and pads were often missing.
Towards the end of the year, Harrison’s 1962 Gent went in for repairs and he acquired a newer 1963 model. The second Gent was virtually identical, except it had a plainer wood grain top and the mute system was activated using “Flip Up” switches rather than “Dial Up” knobs. Harrison would use the “Flip Up” Gent on the landmark Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964 forever cementing his close association with the model.
The 1962 Gretsch PX6122 “Chet Atkins” Country Gentleman in our collection is identical to Harrison’s first one in every detail.63_gent.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
George Harrison with his 1962 Gretsch “Chet Atkins” Country Gentleman. Note the removed “Dial Up” knob.

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