1965 Rickenbacker 360/12

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In August 1965, during The Beatles second U.S. tour, George Harrison was given an updated version of Rickenbacker’s 360/12 string guitar, a model he had popularized just a year earlier.
In Minneapolis, Minnesota, during a press conference prior to The Beatles evening show, Radio station WDGY and local music shop B-Sharp Music presented Harrison with the “New Style” 360/12 string model. The guitar is likely to have come straight out of B-Sharp’s inventory of Rickenbacker 12-strings. Photo analysis, of the serial number plate on the guitar presented to Harrison, reveal it to be a 1965 model.
Although finished in Rickenbacker’s beautiful red (fireglo) color, Harrison’s new 12-string had various visual differences from his iconic first one. The new guitar featured deluxe “sparkle” triangle fret board inlays, “rounded” cutaways, checkerboard binding on the back, white bound slash sound hole, an “R” style tail piece and five chrome-top control knobs. Happily, the new guitar also had the unmistakable “jangle.”
Harrison retired his original 1963 Rickenbacker 360/12 after the U.S. tour and started using the new guitar for subsequent studio recordings and live performances. It can be most notably heard on "If I Needed Someone" fitted with a capo.
The current whereabouts of Harrison’s second Rickenbacker 12-string are unknown. It was last seen in March 1969 at Abbey Road studios and thought to have been stolen around that time.
We are pleased to present the 1965 Rickenbacker 360/12 in our collection. It is identical to Harrison’s guitar right down to the strap he used.360_12.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
George Harrison is presented with his new 1965 Rickenbacker 360/12, and then takes a closer look at it.
Harrison on stage performing with his 1965 Rickenbacker 360/12.

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