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Rooftop "Bassman" static cling decal, as used by Paul McCartney on his Höfner 500/1 violin bass in the Beatles 1969 movie "Let It Be." 

This is a premium graphic replica decal printed on modern static cling vinyl. There is no adhesive and the decal will cling to most flat and smooth surfaces such as glass, glossy plastic and glossy painted materials. Made to correct size and color with printing done to "vintage" not modern standards. 

The decal is removable and reusable. Will not damage finish.  Easy and Fun!

Perfect for Tribute Bands and Collectors who wish to quickly switch the look of their Höfner violin basses without damage or residue. Also, great for use on any other desired item.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping within U.S. and Canada and 3-4 weeks for International shipping.

Rooftop “Bassman” Static Cling Decal

Temporarily Sold Out

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