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Paul Aujla

Paul Aujla is an entrepreneur, investor, stock trader and musician. He has considerable experience building teams to successfully create, develop, fund and market projects. In addition to being the driving force behind TheBeatlesGear, Paul manages the modeling career of his daughter, Renae Aujla. Paul is well-traveled and has lived in Great Britain, India and Canada. Now residing in the USA, he currently splits his time between California and Florida. Paul first became aware of the Beatles when he saw their "Something New" album. The cover features the Beatles with their iconic instruments, mop tops, black suits and boots. While playing in a high school band, Paul acquired a Rickenbacker instrument like John Lennon's. However, he learned that a number of substantial discrepancies made it very different from Lennon's guitar. This sparked Paul's life-long quest to research, locate and acquire exact specification period-correct vintage instruments exactly like the ones the Beatles used. Working closely with Josh Noyes, Paul has created a unique and rare collection unlike any other on the planet. Due to the efforts of historians like Andy Babiuk, Gary Astridge and many others, people have become educated about the tools the Beatles used to create some of the most memorable music in history. Paul realized that by documenting and sharing his entire collection, he could contribute positively to people's learning and entertainment experience by providing painstakingly accurate historical detail. This is especially important since it is very unlikely that the Beatles original instruments will ever be displayed together again. So, in August 2012, TheBeatlesGear.com and TheBeatlesGear Facebook Page were rolled out to great public success. Paul's goal is to establish a permanent physical location for the collection so that visitors can come and experience these historical instruments in person. He has joined forces with the other "Experts" to make this vision a reality.
Andy Babiuk

Andy is a musician, writer, producer, author and has been a professional in the music industry for more than 30 years. In addition to owning a boutique guitar shop in N.Y. Andy Babiuk's Fab Gear, he is a founding member of The Chesterfield Kings and is currently in the super band The Empty Hearts. Andy is a staff consultant to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and consultant to major auction houses in London and New York. In his spare time, Andy is also a respected expert on vintage guitars and a foremost authority on the equipment used by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Andy perceived a need to document the Beatles equipment when he tried to emulate some of their recorded sounds. He embarked on six years of research, interviewing over 400 people who worked with or were closely associated with The Beatles, listened to hundreds of recordings, watched miles of film, and amassed a vast library of documents and photographic evidence of The Beatles using their instruments and equipment. The result was the critically acclaimed book, Beatles Gear, published in 2001, detailing the tools the fab four used, on-stage and in the studio. As a follow-up, Andy then spent nine years researching and writing Rolling Stones Gear (2014) a book detailing the history of equipment used by The Rolling Stones. Andy has also authored The Story of Paul Bigsby: Father Of The Modern Electric Solid body Guitar (2009). Andy worked as the technical consultant and associate music supervisor of Davis Chase's 2012 feature film Not Fade Away released by Paramount Pictures. He lives in Rochester, New York, with his wife, six children and a very large collection of guitars and music memorabilia.
Josh Noyes

Josh Noyes is a real estate investor, telecommunications specialist and musical historian. Josh has been captivated with all things Beatles for the past 25 years. He began his journey to research and learn about the exact specifications of Beatles instruments more than 5 years ago. Along the way, he met Paul Aujla and the two work closely together to locate and acquire some of the rarest vintage instruments identical to the ones the Beatles used. Josh very much enjoys this endeavor and looks forward to educating people so that they will be more informed about the tools employed by The Beatles to create the musical soundtrack of our lives. Josh resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and three dogs.
Gary Astridge

Gary is a curator and leading authority on Ringo Starr’s Beatles-era drum kits and gear. Known for his years of research, presented at RingosBeatleKits, Gary was invited to work with the Grammy Museum and Ringo’s staff to help present the Ringo: Peace & Love Exhibit, which took place from June 2013 through April 2014 at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. Gary has become part of Ringo’s team and has established himself as a writer and lecturer on Ringo's Beatles drums and gear. Through the years, Gary’s passion for The Beatles and drumming has led him to be a prominent collector of 1960’s era Ludwig drum gear. In addition, Gary is a professional drummer and founding member of TheBBCband. Residing in the Buffalo, New York area with his wife Cindy and their two Yorkshire Terriers, Mandy and Mini, Gary is also a businessman and entrepreneur with offices in the US and Germany. He is President of Astridge International, Inc. which manufactures medical chairs used for blood/plasma collection, infusion therapies and other treatments.
Robert Bird
Robert Bird

Robert Bird has always had a respect and love for the Beatles and their music. The idea of a museum that preserves their legacy by spotlighting the musical instruments that made the "Beatles Sound" just made sense. The idea of teaching children about that music and spreading the message of "Peace and Love" was the clincher. Robert joins the team with years of experience in the Entertainment Industry. He was a pioneer in the burgeoning Austin, Texas Music scene during the 80's. He has also worked in the Hollywood Underground film industry, as a writer and actor. When he met Paul Aujla and was introduced to the idea of a Beatles Gear Museum, fireworks went off. Robert knew he had to be part of this project and was going to do everything humanly possible to get it off the ground and make it a reality. Robert's experience with concept and design as well as promotion rounds out the team well. He is presently working on plans for the Beatles Gear "Brick and Mortar" museum in Austin, Texas. What better city to host the one and only Beatles Gear Museum? The Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, Texas! In addition to working on the Beatles Gear museum, Robert is raising four children with his wife Amanda and writing a television series covering his time in the underground film scene in Hollywood.

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