2005 Gretsch G6131 Jet Firebird

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In early January 1963, George Harrison had some maintenance work performed on his 1957 Duo Jet, which had developed a crack in its neck.  While awaiting its return, photographs reveal Harrison briefly using a Gretsch PX6131 Jet Firebird guitar.
The single-cutaway Gretsch Jet Series first debuted in 1953, with the Model PX6128 Duo Jet. Gretsch had developed the Jet series as a direct competitor to the successful Gibson Les Paul model. Over the years, various versions of the Jet with “progressive” (mostly cosmetic) enhancements were offered. 
The Model PX6131 Jet Firebird first appeared in 1955. It was the only production model Gretsch to feature the Oriental Red color top (the only other ones being guitars specially built for Bo Diddley). The red top contrasting with the ebony black finish on the back, sides, and neck, combined with chrome-plated hardware and black pick guard, was visually striking.
The Gretsch Jet Firebird featured: semi-solid or chambered body construction, Grover StaTite tuning machines, a rosewood fingerboard with neo-classic inlays, a Space control roller bridge, a “G” chrome tailpiece with triangle cutout, dual Filter ‘Tron pick ups, Oriental Red top, black back, sides and neck, and a black pickguard with “GRETSCH” in white letters. The Firebird used by Harrison also had a zero fret, two volume knobs on the lower treble bout and one tone control knob on the upper treble bout, and two three way selector switches on the upper bass bout; one for pickup selection and one for tone.
The 2005 Gretsch G6131 reissue guitar presented in our collection has the same features as the Firebird used by Harrison.duo_jet.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0
George Harrison during a rehearsal in the Cavern in early 1963 with a Gretsch Model 6131 Jet Firebird

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