1957 Framus Zenith Model 17 (GH)

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Although many people may be aware about Paul McCartney’s Framus Zenith Model 17 guitar, it is not widely known that George Harrison also had a similar model. It’s quite interesting that even during these very early years, the pre-fame Beatles seemed to have the same taste in guitars.
The Zenith was manufactured in Germany by Framus and imported into Britain by Boosey & Hawkes. These guitars usually carried a B&H decal on the headstock and a sound-hole label with the signature of Ivor Mairants.
Mairants was a professional British Jazz and Classical guitarist. From the 1930’s, he was a featured banjoist and guitarist in many of Britain’s leading dance bands. In the 1950’s, Mairants devoted a lot of time to writing instructional methods for the guitar.
He eventually commissioned Framus to make the Zenith Model 17 guitars with each one personally signed and numbered by him and with Boosey & Hawkes the sole distributor.
Just a few rare home photographs have emerged of Harrison’s Zenith, without its pick guard, posed on a sofa alongside his other pre-fame guitars and one very faded photograph of it in the bedroom he used during his teenage years.
The 1957 Framus Zenith Model 17 presented in our collection is identical to Harrison’s guitar.framus_17_pmc.htmlframus_17_pmc.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1
George Harrison and his mother enjoy a drink at home, with his guitars displayed on the sofa. His Framus Zenith Model 17 acoustic guitar can be seen on the right.

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