1965 Russian Guitar Replica

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In November 1965, the Russian Embassy in London, U.K., presented all four Beatles with Russian-made nylon string acoustic guitars. 
In the Russian classical guitar world, the well-known configuration was seven strings. The six string first came to serious prominence in the country when virtuoso Spanish classical guitarist Andrés Segovia toured Soviet Russia in 1926. The classic seven string Russian guitar remained the standard for popular musicians until the 1960s, when The Beatles and Elvis Presley popularized a strong interest in underground music, such as jazz and Western rock.
Photographs taken at the presentation reveal all four Beatles playing inexpensive primitive guitars that were commonly made in Eastern Europe. The group allowed the photographs to be taken so that they could be sent to the Russian factory where the instruments were made. No other photographic evidence has emerged indicating the lads kept these guitars after the presentation.
The 1965 Russian Guitar in our collection is an exact replica built by luthier, Adam Alcantara.
Advert for the commonly made Russian guitar.
The Beatles playing their just received Russian guitars.

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